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Sell to me your property is a special transaction to help registered property owners to quickly sell property for immediate ready cash, in the shortest time.

Our Property Buying Process

Our process of buying your property is made as straight forward and easy as possible to ensure that we take the stress away from selling through traditional methods like the open market. Here’s our step by step process:

  1. Going through your  quote will check to see if your property is eligible
  2. We shall require pertinet legal information about yourself and the  property.
  3. We may visit your property and at that point the offer will be formalised
  4. We shall do a property valuation using professional and qualified property valuers.
  5. It then goes to the solicitors, but don’t worry we cover all the costs
  6. We’ll be in touch and send you an initial offer within 72 hours.
  7. Exchange & complete

We keep or we buy any property service as simple as possible to try and ensure that we complete as quickly as possible.

Only registered or titled property can be considered by the agency for possible purchase from the lawful registered property owner(s)

Benefits Of Using Our We Buy Any Property Service

There are several benefits to choosing The Property Buying Company when you’re looking to sell your property fast. Here are some of the top reasons and benefits of our service:

  • We can buy any property quickly for cash
  • There are no fees, including solicitors or surveys
  • We complete in a time-frame that suits you
  • Our average completion is in 2-3 weeks so you can guarantee you sell your property quickly
  • We offer great customer support
  • Help arranging removals
  • We can help negotiate onward purchases or finding rental properties
  • There’s no chain to compete with; no fuss, no complications
  • We have the cash reserve to buy your property, so there’s no waiting for a mortgage

Why Should I Sell My Property Fast?

There are a few reasons that you may want to sell your property fast and everybody is different. It could, for example, be to avoid the cost of a traditional sale method like the open market which includes Estate Agent fees, utility bills, council tax, mortgage payments and whatever else may be involved. On the other hand we also encounter a few other reasons that people may look for a quick house sale, which includes:

  • Divorce
  • Downsizing or upsizing
  • Break in a chain
  • Stopping a house repossession
  • Emigration or moving to a different part of the country
  • Inheritance

Whatever your reason for requiring a quick sale, we can buy your property much quicker than the traditional methods and on average complete in as little as 2-3 weeks.

How Much Will You Buy My Property For?

We strive to be known for being honest and transparent  and we can’t guarantee that everything is going to flow seamlessly, because buying a property isn’t as simple as buying a rolex chapatti and sometimes problems do occur but we’ll work with you to solve the issue. Because we are trade buyers, we also won’t offer you the full market value of your property, but we will offer you a fair price and an excellent service. You’ll now be asking, well how much below market value do you offer? It’s a little bit of a hard question to answer because it depends upon the location of your property, the market in that area and it’s condition, however as a rough figure we tend to offer around 60-80%.

Why Choose Us?

We’re much more than just your usual cash property buyer.

The main reason that you should choose us ahead of our others is because we have our own cash facilities. Most property buying companies rely on investors, but having our own funds ensures that we are able to offer you the best possible trade prices and allows us to purchase your home as quickly as possible. We cover all the legal fees & costs, including solicitors, we’ll buy your property quickly with minimal hassle and we can buy the property no matter the condition.

Important – Read First for Guidance

Do you have Land For Sale

Industrial Land Upland 50 – 100 acres (Soroti, Serere, Tororo). Along Main Road

Agricultural Land 100 – 500 acres (Soroti, Serere, Tororo). Along Main Road

Commercial Land-Upland 5-10 acres (Soroti, Serere, Kira-Wakiso, Wakiso, Seeta-Mukono, Mukono Area).

Residential Plot 100 by 100 feet or 25 decimals –  (Entebbe Area, Kira Area, Kyanja Area) Upland

Residential Plot 200 by 200 feet (Entebbe Area, Kira Area, Kyanja Area) Upland

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