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About Us - Sote Real Estate Agency

Know more About Us.  Its very important to know about the agency or person you appoint to act on your behalf as an agent.

Moreover, whatever your appointed agent or agency does will legally binds you as the princpal to  liabilities.

Therefore, choosing an agency that is awake to its duty to the client and,  most importantly the cardinal duty of promoting and safe guarding the clients interest.

This is the corner stone to a wonderful agent – client relation.

So this is what you need to know About Us. 

This is a brief about us.

Sote Real Estate Agency is registered and incorporated in Uganda as a legal entity with Limited Liability

Our main objectives include among others; Real Estate Sales, Renting, Investment, Listing, Marketing, Property Management…

The firm is founded on the legal background of its Lead Agent; Francis Ocuga a lawyer and practising addvocate in Uganda.

This gives the firm the confidence and competence to represent and professionally handle the instruction of our principals – the real estate buyers and sellers.

The firm offers services covering the general practice of a real estate agency with representation for both sellers and buyers.

Consequently, we pride ourselves in collaborating with other real estate agencies and professionals to meet our client’s orders while keeping the costs on the clients to the clients at the lowest.

Our service is non-discriminative, rendering our expertise to foreign nationals, expats, Ugandan nationals for private or business purposes.

Work with us to find the best real estate in Uganda to meet your specific needs, better still, if you are a real estate owner engage us as a seller agency for your property in Uganda.

To know more about us, visit us or contact us today.




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Proof of Legitimacy & Traceablility

About Us Sote Real Estate Agency Limited Certificate of Incorporation
About Us - Tax Registration Certificate Sote Real Estate Agency Limited
About Us Certificate of Registration to Trade in Real Estate Business in Kampala
About Us - Sote Real Estate Agency Limted 2020 -2021 Trading Licence

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